The Flow of History iPad App is out!

The app contains 243 interlinked flowcharts including a master flowchart and 17 unit flowcharts.  225 individual full color flowcharts cover both standard topics as well as less standard topics (disease to dancing).

Each flowchart is also the subject of a detailed reading, and are associated with a full-color illustrated timeline covering the relevant period in history.

Search "Flow of History" from iTunes or follow this link to access it directly.

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On this site, you will find several hundred pages of information describing the flow of history, from the evolutionary processes that formed our bodies, to the forces of globalization that exploded in the 1990s. It is detailed, engaging reading—the result of over 25 years of continuous refinement for actual classroom use.

Reading about a period will fill your head with facts and names about your chosen topic like any good history textbook. But you won't remember the important lessons—the ones that history classes exist in order to teach us, so that we don't each have to learn them on our own.

Good students studying traditional History texts learn much about the past, but even the best rarely take the lessons of the past with them when they leave class. As a history teacher at University High School in Urbana, Illinois since 1979, I have developed a method for teaching history, using a series of about 200 cross-referenced flowcharts and over 100 PowerPoint multimedia lecture outlines to help students see history as a dynamic process of causes and effects, not just a meaningless list of names and dates.

With this website you can help bring about a revolution in the History classroom, producing students that deeply understand the past and enjoy learning about it.

If you are teaching students history and want a full curriculum ready-to-go, take a look at the packages available on School History.

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