History Resources on this Website

This site contains the reading and the accompanying flowcharts that my students use during their two full years of World History. The readings and flowcharts have been continuously refined over the last 27 years, and they will continue to evolve as I find new, better ways to present new and old information.

The readings our divided into 7 major sections:

  • Prehistory: the rise of civilization and the Ancient Middle East to c.500 B.C.E.
  • Birth of Western Civilization: Ancient Greece, Rome through the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, and Europe through c.1000 C.E.
  • Classical Asia: Islam, India, China, and Japan from early development through c.1800 C.E.
  • Revival of the West: High and Later Middle ages, Renaissance, Age of Exploration, Reformation, absolute monarchies, and Enlightenment (c.1000-1500 C.E.).
  • The Early Modern Era: The Age of Revolutions, the Industrial Revolution, the later Nineteenth century.
  • The Early 20th Century: The upheavals of the early twentieth century (1914-45).
  • The World Since 1945: The post world-war world, the Cold War, and the "New World Order."
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